Literally mapping learning experiences (on a map)

This human is really cool. Watch the video and see for yourself!

Can you imagine how cool it would be if you lived in Greenwich Village in the late 1960s and were one of the people hanging out in , standing next to Patti Smith and David Bowie, watching Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground rock out?

I can.


She’s here to break down silos and blow your mind.

Author. Organizer. Change Maker.

The is less than two months away. Between great content, opportunities to connect with other passionate thinkers and doers, , there’s a lot to be excited about.

But when it comes to reasons to get pumped, this year’s keynote speaker,

A brief, timely and fascinating story from Radiolab

File:Ignaz Semmelweis 1860.jpg. (2020, March 26). Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Retrieved 16:44, April 7, 2020 from .

Like many producers, the Radiolab podcast is having to adapt its content creation during this time of social distancing. But Radiolab being Radiolab, the reporters are — intellectually speaking — doing the opposite of distancing themselves and instead intimately exploring Covid-19 from a variety of perspectives and lenses.

They are…

Noah Geisel

Singing along with the chorus is the easy part. The meat and potatoes are in the Verses. Educator, speaker, connector and risk-taker. @SenorG on the Twitter

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